Proud Souls BBQ Appetizers 07/13/19

Hawaiian Style Kalua Pork
Rubbed down 1/3 Revolution Barbecue Chicken & Pork Rub, Hawaiian Pink Salt, & Brown Sugar
Smoked on Traeger at 225° for 8 hours with Signature Blend (Hickory, Maple, Cherry) Pellets
Wrapped in banana leaves and 1/2 C of Pineapple Juice
Continue to smoke at 225° until internal temp of 205° (4 Hours)

Mango Slaw
2 Packs Shredded Cabbage Mix
2 Ripe Mangoes Julienned
1 Maui Sweet Onion Julienned
1 Red Bell Pepper Julienned
1 1/2C Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2C Rice Wine Vinegar
1C Honey
2tsp Kosher Salt
2tsp Ground Black Pepper
2T Orange Juice
2T Pineapple Juice

Pork Belly Lardons
Slice Pork Belly into equal thickness slices
Marinade 24 hours in a Ziptop bag with
1 Can Sprite
1T Chili Garlic Sambal
1tsp Granulated Garlic
1tsp Granulated Onion

After 24 hours, remove from marinade and pat dry with paper towel. Rub down with Revolution Barbecue Texas Brisket BBQ Rub. Smoke on Traeger Grills for 2 hours fat side down, flip over and smoke another 2 hours fat side up at 250°

Dice into lardons (small cubes) and place in an aluminum tray and return to the smoker for another hour.

Vietnamese Style Salsa
1 Maui Sweet Onion Diced
5 Jalapeños Diced
1 Bunch Cilantro finely chopped
2tsp Kosher Salt
1tsp Ground Black Pepper
Juice of 2 Limes
2T Orange Juice
2 Hot House or English Cucumbers Diced
2T Rice Wine Vinegar

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